Investor and Corporate Services

Investor Services

Ongoing and focused communication is key to designing strategies that address each client's specific needs.  Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years, working in partnership in an effort to accumulate wealth that may provide future financial security through all economic times, good and bad.

We work in partnership with our clients to identify and clarify their financial goals.  Whether it is a one-time investment or a long-term  financial objective, we are equipped to research, analyze and select investments, design a strategy and guide the implementation to keep the plan on track through changes in personal circumstances and market conditions. 


Corporate Services

Feltheimer Cohn & Associates has a wealth of experience with retirement plans.  We are strategically partnered with a leading, full-service third party plan administrator (TPA).  With our partner, we are able to assist our clients in all matters relating to qualified retirement plans from plan design to ongoing administration of 401 (k), profit sharing and defined benefit plans. 

As a business owner, your business and personal lives are intertwined.  You have unique circumstances in that the majority of your wealth is often invested in your business.  How do you bridge your business and personal wealth and goals in the most tax efficient strategy? 

At Feltheimer Cohn & Associates our goal is to integrate the management of corporate retirement plans with personal wealth management.  Our focus and experience over the last 25 years with business owners is important because corporate retirement plans are integral to the personal wealth management of the business owner.  When it is time to shift business assets to personal wealth, the same team that handles the company retirement plan will implement the transfer into a personal wealth plan.  Long-term planning is essential to growing long-term personal wealth.  This includes tax planning, succession planning and risk management.